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 Yokohama to Shanhai : futatsu no kaikō toshi no kindai / 横浜と上海 : 二つの開港都市の近代 = 横滨和上海 : 两个开港城市的近代1993Book
 Shanghai sheying shi / 上海摄影史 (History of photography in Shanghai)1992Book
Ambroise-Rendu, Anne-Claude"Du dessin de presse à la photographie (1878-1914): histoire d'une mutation technique et culturelle"1992Journal article
Benson, Carlton“From teahouse to radio: Storytelling and the commercialization of culture in 1930s Shanghai”1996Dissertation
Benson, Carlton"The Manipulation of Tanci in Radio Shanghai During the 1930s"1995Journal article
Bergère, Marie-Claire« L'épuration à shanghai (1945-1946): l'affaire Sarly et la fin de la Concession française » 1997Journal article
Bergère, Marie-ClaireThe Golden age of the Chinese bourgeoisie1990Book
Bessler, David A.“A Note on Chinese Rice Prices: Interior Markets, 1928-1931”1990Journal article
Bickers, Robert“Shanghailanders: The Formation and Identity of the British Settler Community in Shanghai 1843-1937”1998Journal article
Bickers, Robert A.“Death of a young Shanghaïlander: the Thorburn case and the defence of the British treaty ports in China in 1931”,1996Journal article
Bickers, Robert A."History, legend, and Treaty Port Ideology, 1925-1931"1993Book chapter
Bickers, Robert A.; Wasserstrom, Jeffrey N.,"Shanghai's "Dogs and Chinese Not Admitted" Sign: Legend, History and Contemporary Symbol"1995Journal article
Bing, Zhang“The Evolution of Strategic Planning in Shanghai, 1927-1949”1995Journal article
Cambon, Marie Francine“The dream palaces of Shanghai: American films in China's largest metropolis, 1920-1950”1993Dissertation
Chan, Ming K. and Dirlik, Arif. Schools into Fields and Factories: Anarchists, the Guomindang and the National Labor University in Shanghai 1927-19321991Book
Chan, Wellington K.K.“Personal styles, cultural values and management: the Sincere and Wing On companies in Shanghai and Hong Kong, 1900-1941”1996Journal article
Chan, Wellington K.K."Personal styles, cultural values, and management: The Sincere and Wing On companies in Shanghai and Hong Kong, 1900-1941"1998Book chapter
Chen Bohai 陈伯海 and Chin YuanShanghai jindai wenxue shi上海近代文学史 (A Literary History of Modern Shanghai),1993Book
Chen, Shiwei“Change and Mobility: The Political Mobilization of the Shanghai Elites in 1900”1994Journal article
Chen, Zhihengqing“Shanghai shi dang'anguan guanzang ri wei zhengquan dang'an gaikuang ji chubu pingjia, kaifa” [A discussion of Japanese puppet authorities: documents in the Shanghai Municipal Archives with preliminary evaluation and access information]1999Journal article
Chen, Zhongping 陈忠平“Ming Qing shiqi jiangnan diqu shichang kaocha” 明清时期江南地区市场考察 (An examination of markets in the Jiangnan region in the Ming-Qing period)1990Journal article
Clifford, Nicholas R.Spoilt Children of Empire. Westerners in Shanghai and the Chinese Revolution of the 1920s,1991Book
Cochran, Sherman (ed.) Inventing Nanjing Road: Commercial Culture in Shanghai, 1900-1945. 1999Book
Cody, Jeffrey W.“American Planning In Republican China, 1911-1937”,1996Journal article
Croizier, Ralph"Post-impressionists in pre-war Shanghai The Juelanshe (Storm Society) and the fate of modernism in Republican Shanghai"1993Book chapter
Dai, Angang“Jindai shanghai yu sunan zhebei nongcun jingji bianqian” [Shanghai and rural economic changes in southern Jiangsu and northern Zhejiang in the modern period],1997Journal article
Dai, Angang“Jindai shanghai yu zhouwei nongcun” [Modern Shanghai and its suburban rural areas],1994Journal article
Des Forges, Alexander Townsend“Street talk and alley stories: Tangled narratives of Shanghai from 'Lives of Shanghai Flowers' (1892) to 'Midnight' (1933) ”,1998Dissertation
Dudink, Adrian“The Zikawei Collection in the Jesuit Theologate Library at Fujen University (Taiwan): Background and Draft Catalogue”,1996Journal article
Enomoto, Yasuko 榎本泰子Gakujin no miyako, Shanhai : kindai Chūgoku ni okeru seiyō ongaku no juyō / 楽人の都・上海: 近代中国における西洋音楽の受容1998Book
239 results (1/8 pages)