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Author(s) Title Year Type
 Meiji ikō nihonjin no chūgoku ryokōki : kaidai / 明治以降日本人の中国旅行記 : 解題1980Book
 The history of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation1988Edited Volume
 The Hongkong Bank in the Period of Imperialism and War, 1895-1918 : Wayfoong, the Focus of Wealth 1988Edited Volume
 Shanghai. 1949: The end of an era1989Book
 Tōa Dōbun Shoin Daigaku shi 東亞同文書院大學史 1982Book
 Shanhai Kyōdō Sokai : jihen zenʾya / 上海共同租界 : 事変前夜1986Book
 Shanghai shi shangyong dituce (Shanghai business atlas) 上海市商用地图册1989Book
Accornero A., Luca U., Sapelli G.Storia fotografia del lavoro in Italia, 1900-19801980Book
Bergère, Marie-Claire“The Other China: Shanghai from 1919-1949” 1981Book chapter
Bergère, Marie-Claire ; Castelino, Noel ; Henriot, Christian ; Ho, Pui-Yin,“Essai de prosopographie des élites shanghaiennes à l'époque républicaine,1911-1949"1985Journal article
Boerschmann, ErnstOld China in historic photographs : 288 views1982Book
Castelino, Noël" Les intellectuels non-engagés et l'opinion publique en Chine,1945-1949"1983Dissertation
Chang Ci“In the Bosom of The Enemy - The CCP Central Committee's Shanghai Bureau as I Knew it”1986Journal article
Chen Congzhou, Zhang Ming (eds)Shanghai jindai jianzhushi gao 上海近代建筑史稿1988Book
Clément, Pierre, Ged, Françoise et Qi Wan“Transformations de l’habitat à Shanghai”, rapport de recherche, 1988Book
Coble, Parks M.The Shanghai Capitalists and the Nationalist Government, 1927-1937,1980Book
Cole, BernardGunboats and Marines : the United States Navy in China, 1925-1928 1983Book
Conh, DonVignettes from the Chinese: Lithographs from Shanghai in the Late Nineteenth Century1987Book
Conner, PatrickThe China Trade, 1600-18601986Book
Ding, Richu (Ch'en, Jerome, transl.)“Shanghai capitalists before the 1911 revolution”1985Journal article
Du, Xuncheng“Cong 1883 nian shanghai jinrong fengchao kan zhongguo zichan jieji di chansheng” (The birth of China's bourgeoisie viewed in relation to the Shanghai financial disturbance of 1883)1987Journal article
Elvin, Mark “The Revolution of 1911 in Shanghai”,1984Journal article
Eng, Robert Y.“Chinese Entrepreneurs, the Government, and the Foreign Sector: The Canton and Shanghai Silk-Reeling Enterprises, 1861-1932”. 1984Journal article
Fewsmith, Joseph“In Search of the Shanghai Connection”, 1985Journal article
Haan, J. H.“The Shanghai Municipal Council, 1850-1865: Some Biographical Notes” 1984Journal article
Henriot, Christian“Municipal Power and Local Elites”,1986Journal article
Henriot, Christian“La rupture GMD-PCC en 1927: suicide ou assassinat ?”, 1986Journal article
Henriot, Christian“Prostitution et "police des mœurs" à Shanghai aux XIXe-XXe siècles”,1988Book chapter
Henriot, Christian“Municipal Reform in Guomindang China (1927-1937): A First Appraisal”, 1989Journal article
Hershatter, Gail“The Hierarchy of Shanghai Prostitution, 1870-1949",1989Journal article
99 results (1/4 pages)