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Author(s) Title Year Type
 Zikai manhua quanji 子愷漫畫全集 (Complete Cartoon Works of [Feng] Zikai)1976Book
 The photography of Sha Fei2009Book
 Shanghai zhinan 上海指南1922Book
 Shanghai zhinan 上海指南1957Book
 General description of Shanghae and its environs, extracted from native authorities1850Book
 Shanghai land Assessment Schedule - English Settlement1876Book
Abbas, Ackbar“Cosmopolitan De-scriptions: Shanghai and Hong Kong"2000Journal article
Accornero A., Luca U., Sapelli G.Storia fotografia del lavoro in Italia, 1900-19801980Book
Alla, PatriciaShanghai picture-verse : a book of sketches in rhyme for the Shanghai child of yesterday and to-day1939Book
Ambroise-Rendu, Anne-Claude"Du dessin de presse à la photographie (1878-1914): histoire d'une mutation technique et culturelle"1992Journal article
Arkaraprasertkul, Non"Power, Politics, and the Making of Shanghai"2010Journal article
Armbrüster, Goerg; Kohlstruck, Michael; Mühlberger, Sonja (eds.)Exil Shanghai, 1938-1947. Jüdisches Leben in der Emigration2000Book
Au-Yeung, Chi Ying"The Quest for Individuality: Students' Lives in Shanghai, 1919-1937"2007Dissertation
Au-Yeung, Chi Ying"The quest for individuality: Students' lives in Shanghai, 1919--1937"2007Dissertation
Bai Lingling 白玲玲Qingmo minchu shanghai shimin shenghuo ji shehui gainian bianqian - jian tan dazhong wenhua de yanjiu 清末民戶上海市民生活及社會概念變遷 - 蒹談大眾文化的研究 (The transformation of social concepts and live of Shanghai urbanites in the early twentieth century -- with a study of popular culture)2001Dissertation
Bai, Huashan 白华山 "Du Yuesheng yu shanghai difang xiehui" 杜月笙与上海市地方协会 2003Journal article
Bai, Huashan 白华山 Difang jingying yu shangai kangzhan - yi 1.28 shibian qijian de shanghai shimin difang xiehui wei li (Local Elites and the Anti-Japanese War in Shanghai-with the Shanghai Civic Association during the Incident of January 28 in Shanghai as a Case Study) 地方精英与上海抗战——以“一·二八”事变期间的上海市民地方维持会为例2008Journal article
Bai, Lingling 白玲玲 清末民初上海市民的社会生活及社会观念变迁——兼谈大众文化的研究2001Dissertation
Barnett, Robert W.Economic Shanghai : Hostage to Politics, 1937-19411941Book
Barz, R.Shanghai : sketches of present day Shanghai 1935Book
Bennet, TerryHistory of photography in China, 1842-18602009Book
Benson, Carlton“From teahouse to radio: Storytelling and the commercialization of culture in 1930s Shanghai”1996Dissertation
Benson, Carlton"The Manipulation of Tanci in Radio Shanghai During the 1930s"1995Journal article
Bergère, Marie-ClaireLa bourgeoisie chinoise et la révolution de 19111968Book
Bergère, Marie-Claire"Shanghai ou 'l'autre Chine', 1919-1949"1979Journal article
Bergère, Marie-Claire« L'épuration à shanghai (1945-1946): l'affaire Sarly et la fin de la Concession française » 1997Journal article
Bergère, Marie-ClaireLa bourgeoisie chinoise et la révolution de 19111968Book
Bergère, Marie-ClaireThe Golden age of the Chinese bourgeoisie1990Book
Bergère, Marie-Claire“The Other China: Shanghai from 1919-1949” 1981Book chapter
Bergère, Marie-Claire ; Castelino, Noel ; Henriot, Christian ; Ho, Pui-Yin,“Essai de prosopographie des élites shanghaiennes à l'époque républicaine,1911-1949"1985Journal article
786 results (2/27 pages)