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Platform overview

The Visual Cultures in East Asia portal is organized around individual projects (even if such projects are the result of team work). Its main components are as follows:

Editorial: This is an introduction to the general aspects and broad aims of the platform.  It is designed as  an editorial that we shall update over time, along with new developments.

Team & Partnerships: the VCEA project is the result of collaboration and collaborative work by various scholars and institutions. In this section we acknowledge the contribution of all participants, as well as the composition of the core managing team.

Digital Library: This library is built automatically from the various sets of data made public in the individual projects. It is therefore a compilation ordered by alphabetical order of all the items posted in each category of documents (images, maps, biographies, bibliographies, and e-books). Other types of documents may be added as required, such as videos, soundtracks, etc. Such categories will be added to the Digital Library menu.

Current projects: this section lists all the active projects, namely the projects that have moved to operational stage and made public a substantial quantity of materials. Each title points to a page with a short presentation of the relevant project and to a link to the actual site. Some projects may be interconnected for purposes of comparative research. Any such interconnections will be indicated on the pages of the individual projects.

Future projects: This section presents the projects under development. Each title points to a short presentation of the relevant project.

Last update Wednesday 7 April 2010 by C. Henriot