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The Lyon Institute of East Asian Studies (Institut d'Asie Orientale) has been exploring for several years the interplay between scholarly research and new technologies. From simple databases of historical photographs to experimental web platforms for research, the LIAS has taken up the challenge of "Digital humanities" with a view not just to make resources available to the academic community, but to invent new modes of elaborating and communicating academic research.

The members of the LIEAS want to take full advantage of the potential of the information technologies, the Web 2.0, and the insuperable capacity of digital technologies to dematerialize the traditional documents and sources of the humanities and social sciences to explore a wide range of methodological and substantial issues. Our concern is to examine what the new technologies can bring into our practices as scholars and how the use of such technologies may affect our way of producing and circulating knowledge.

The multiplication of individual projects led us to reflect upon the need for an instrument that would both provide an evolving and flexible tool and yet allow the expression of specific research agendas and concerns. By and large, the system on which the present platform works was designed by GĂ©rald Foliot. This flexible digital engine allows the inclusion under one same roof of various projects, each with its own interface.

Visual Culture in East Asia is our first attempt to incorporate the major projects implemented over the years by LIAS scholars and their partners (Heidelberg University, Bristol University). As the list of "Future projects" shows, it should keep expanding with a host of fascinating projects.

Last update Wednesday 27 May 2015 by G. Foliot