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Fewsmith, Joseph, “In Search of the Shanghai Connection”, (1985)

Title : “In Search of the Shanghai Connection”,

Author(s) : Fewsmith, Joseph

Year : 1985

Type : Journal article

Subject : History

Keywords : political;elites;

Journal : Modern China,

Volume : 11

Number : 1

Start page : 111

End page : 144

Language:Name : English

Support : Print

Abstract : The Guomindang (Kuomintang) began attempts at organizing merchants in Shanghai, China in 1925, as part of the party's goal of mobilizing mass support for its programs. These efforts did not include direct organization of the merchant elite, which made up most of the membership of the Shanghai Chamber of Commerce, and the party became involved in the conflict between the middle-class merchants and the elite; as a result, it also became involved in a conflict with the national government in Nanjing (Nanking). Although Guomindang efforts at middle-class merchant organization in 1927 were largely successful, even after the 12 April coup against the Communists, it was unable to subordinate the Chamber of Commerce to party leadership and failed to develop mass support as it had hoped.



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