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Bai, Lingling 白玲玲 , 清末民初上海市民的社会生活及社会观念变迁——兼谈大众文化的研究 (2001)

Title : 清末民初上海市民的社会生活及社会观念变迁——兼谈大众文化的研究

Author(s) : Bai, Lingling 白玲玲

Year : 2001

Type : Dissertation

Subject : History

Keywords : culture;social;urban;pdf

University : Northwest University 西北大学

Language:Name : Chinese

Support : Print

Abstract : 回顾开埠前的上海社会状况可知,那时它无疑是一个传统文化浸润下的小县,不论生活还是风俗都与江南其他地区大致相同。战争打开了中国的门户,也将一种新的生活方式和文化带入了中国,带入了上海。从此,上海人从衣、食、住、行等各方面开始有了一些新的变化,伴随这些生活变化的是人们世界观、人生观的变迁。这些变迁都是在西方文化影响下发生的。面对历史与现实,上海人在痛苦与彷徨中醒悟,在希望与憧憬中奋进。借助历史的机遇,上海成为中国的第一大城市,上海人也由此引领中国社会变迁的潮流,并为中国的变革提供了借鉴。同精英文化相比,大众文化往往可以深入到社会的最底层和最深层,充分展现社会的各个方面。因此,要想全面了解一个时代、一个区域真实的社会状况,研究其大众文化是必须的。对清末民初上海市民生活状况及观念的了解和研究,就是通过对当时大众文化的概览来透析转型期社会的变迁。上海乃中国的具体而微,通过勾勒上海的变迁就可看出整个中国社会变迁的轨迹。 It's out of question that before Opium War Shanghai has been only a small country infiltrated by traditional culture. And it's way of life and customs were approximate with that of the other district in South China. China's door was opened after the war. The new way of life and culture were brought into China, especially into Shanghai. From then on, there were some new changes taken place in Shanghai, such as clothing, food, living, travel, folk custom etc, which were companied by changes on men's world view, outlook on life and so on. The reason of these new changes was the influence of western culture. Facing history and reality, people in Shanghai woke up and advanced bravely after suffering and hesitate. By the aid of historical opportunity, Shanghai developed into the first city of China. As a result, Shanghai's people led the trend of change and set a good example for the national transformation.Compared with elite culture, it is easier for popular culture to touch the lowest and deepest part of social life. Because it always shows more aspects of society. Therefore, if you want to know real social state of a certain age or an area fully, it's necessary to study it's popular culture. Research life condition and idea of Shanghai citizen who lived at the later stage of Qing Dynasty. Then you are possible to get an example about how society change accompany with the times. One word, the vicissitude in Shanghai is the track of that in the whole country.



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