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Yijiuliuling nian shanghai shizheng qu

Original title : 1960年上海市政區

Year : 1960

Map support : Digital

Topic : Virtual Shanghai

Transliteration : Yijiuliuling nian shanghai shizheng qu

Alternative original title : [Shanghai Municipality in 1960]

Digitized file : Yes

Map type : Source maps

Size : 28 x 42 cm

Comments : This map is presented on the web site of the Minhang Municipal Library (上海市閔行圖書館). It was actually digitized from the Shanghai Historical Atlas (Zhou Zhenhe 周振鹤, Shanghai lishi ditu ji 上海历史地图集, Shanghai, Shanghai renmin chubanshe 上海人民出版社, 1999). It is part of a complete set of digitized map on Shanghai from 201BC to 2002AD. This set of maps shows the transformation of the administrative limits of Shanghai city or municipality within the larger geographical and administrative context of the greater Shanghai area. The various historical maps are pasted over a sublayer representing the present-day Shanghai municipality. Due to the scale of the greater Shanghai area, most of the maps are too crude to be used as cartographic sources. Yet they provide a sense of the division of space by the successive regimes and municipal authorities.

Place of publication : Shanghai 上海




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