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A map and history of Peiping

Original title : A map and history of Peiping

Year : 1936

Author : Dorn, Frank

Map support : Paper original

Topic : Beijing

Digitized file : Yes

Map type : Source maps

Size : 49 x 56 cm

Scale : Unknown

Comments : Frank Dorn was born in 1901 in SF. He studied at West Point in 1919-23. In 1934-August 1938 he was sent to Peking as language-student. Ffter the beginning of Sino-Japanese war Dorn was appointed assistant military attaché. He held the rank of lieutenant when assigned to China and was promoted to captain during his stay in Peking. While in Peking, Dorn studied the Chinese techniques of painting. Thereafter, he travelled extensively in Southeast Asia. At the end of 1939, he joined General Stilwell’s staff (in the USA). In 1942, he followed Stilwell on the China-Burnma-India theater. Dorn went to the Philippines in 1945 after Japan’s defeat, then to Okinawa. He retired in 1953 and devoted his time to painting. Source: Hoover Archives, Frank Dorn Collection, folder 1.2, Box 1, “Brief biography of Brigadier General Frank Dorn”

Place of publication : Tianjin



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