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Chinese plan of the city of Peking

Original title : Chinese plan of the city of Peking

Year : 1842

Map support : Digital

Topic : Beijing

Transliteration : Chinese plan of the city of Peking

Digitized file : Yes

Map type : Source maps

Comments : Map downloaded from the Internet. Inscription on map: CHINESE PLAN OF THE CITY OF PEKING. To Her Most Gracious Majesty the Queen, THIS FAC-SIMILE OF A CHINESE PLAN of the Tatar, or inner City, Nuyching, and the Imperial Palace Kingtoo OF PEKING, OR CHUN THIEN FOO, The Northern Residence of the Court, or Capital of the Chinese Empire, is most respectfully inscribed, with Her Majesty's most gracious permission, by Her Majesty's faithful Servant. T.B.JERVIS.




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