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  Title Topic Year Date (start)
Bank of ChinaVirtual Shanghai  1990
Bank of CommunicationsVirtual Shanghai  1990
Banque de l'Indochine Virtual Shanghai  1990
British ConsulateVirtual Shanghai  1990
Building of the Bank of ChinaVirtual Shanghai19921992
Chartered Bank of India, Australia and ChinaVirtual Shanghai  1990
Commercial Bank of ChinaVirtual Shanghai  1990
Country HospitalVirtual Shanghai  1990
Grosvenor HouseVirtual Shanghai  1990
Map cover 1995Virtual Shanghai19951995
Map cover 1997Virtual Shanghai19971997
Moore Memorial ChurchVirtual Shanghai  1990
MosqueVirtual Shanghai  1990
Racecourse ClubVirtual Shanghai  1990
Residence of Chiang KaishekVirtual Shanghai  1990
Residence of Ellie KadoorieVirtual Shanghai1990-19991990
Residence of Li HongzhangVirtual Shanghai  1990
Residence of Sheng XuanhuaiVirtual Shanghai  1990
Residence of Song QinglingVirtual Shanghai  1990
Residence of Song ZiwenVirtual Shanghai  1990
Residence of the chairman of the French Municipal CouncilVirtual Shanghai  1990
Residence of the High Commissionner for CustomsVirtual Shanghai  1990
Residence of Wu TongwenVirtual Shanghai  1990
Residence of Zhang ZueliangVirtual Shanghai  1990
Russian ConsulateVirtual Shanghai  1990
Sha'annan VillaVirtual Shanghai  1990
Shanghai Kyory├╗-MindanVirtual Shanghai  1990
Shanghai LibraryVirtual Shanghai  1990
Shanghai map cover 1993Virtual Shanghai19931993
Shanghai map cover 1995Virtual Shanghai19951995
47 results (1/2 pages)        
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